Our Story

The Start and Royalz Fries👑

After a very long preparation and the creation of a unique experience, the time has finally come. At the beginning of 2019, the first Royalz Fries location opened its doors. This great business opens its doors in one of the most beautiful streets in The Hague, the Netherlands. With the opening of our doors, a new, wonderful scent is created in the Noordeinde street. With us, the entire experience is complete. A luxurious façade and interior ensure that you will experience a new world in fast food.

Royalz Fries is evolved from our love for fries. Everyone loves fries, but we believe that nothing is nicer than handcrafted fries made with love with or without a nice and luxury topping or sauce. Early in 2019 we started our first Royalz Fries in The Hague, the Netherlands. We have a long history in frying fries and snacks, it was time to bring frying to a whole other level. Everything is luxury; fries, snacks, milkshakes & coffee. But the most important thing for us? It remains affordable! We deliver quality & service for a nice price. We serve handcrafted fries, luxury snacks, high quality coffee and other hot and cold drinks, the best ice cream and milkshakes. We make frying more exclusive, we make it a lifestyle.

It is special. It is unique. It is royal. It’s fantastic. You can’t use enough words to describe our delicious freshly made fries. By using our fresh potatoes, we have specially made the handcrafted fries. RoyalzFries really only delivers handcrafted, generously tasting fries. All our handcrafted fries are freshly made and delivered fresh to you. The Royalz handcrafted fries are delicious by themselves but of course you can choose to add one of our delicious Royalz toppings or sauces to top it off.

Our sauces are delicious and diverse. We have different types of mayonnaise including truffle mayonnaise! Because of these various types of sauces there is a delicious sauce for everyone. The sauces can be done on the fries or separately in a cup, so handy!

Our Royal Location

RoyalzFries first location has been opened in one of the most beautiful streets in The Hague. Het Noordeinde is also known for its luxury shops but also for its beautiful palace. At the moment, no king or queen is sleeping in the palace anymore. The palace is currently used by the king as an office. The rich history that this street and neighborhood brings with it is enormous. It could not have been otherwise that our luxury fast food restaurant has been given a royal tint. At our location you can sit outside or inside and enjoy the beautiful shops and the atmosphere. If you want to take a break after a hard day’s shopping or if you want to take a break in between, you can expect  fantastic handcrafted fries, snacks, coffee, cold drinks & milkshakes.

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